LaserSmile Biolase

LaserSmile Biolase

The LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system is manufactured by Biolase Technology, Inc. In dental circles this company is probably best known for manufacturing the Waterlase ® dental laser.

LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system, utilizes the LaserSmileT diode laser.

What kind of laser is used with the LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening process?

The LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system requires the use of their LaserSmileT diode laser. As you might expect, the emission spectrum of this light unit is very precise. Its emissions lie in the 798 to 815nm range, which is part of the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The requirement that this laser must be used implies that the company believes that emissions of this specific wavelength “photo-activate” the LaserSmile ™ whitener and therefore increases the efficiency of the whitening process.

1) One session treatment, Results are seen in a 24-minute treatment. whereas most other systems require 60 minutes or more.
2) Long lasting treatment: Normally LaserSmile professional teeth whitening stays effective for 1-2 years.
3) Lasersmile is safe and gentle: The shorter treatment avoids excess heat and sensitivity common to other whitening devices.

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tumblr_m8bykwXQUJ1rd98z9o1_1280What type of tooth whitener is used with the LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system?
The LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system uses hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel. This whitener comes prepackaged and ready to use. It has a 37% hydrogen peroxide concentration and a pH of around 7.
Does the LaserSmile ™ laser produce a heating effect on the teeth being whitened?
Since the emissions of the LaserSmileT laser lie in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum there certainly could be concern that a heating effect might be produced. As it turns out however, during the teeth whitening process a heating effect is avoided because the laser is only exposed to a few teeth at a time and even then only briefly (about 15 seconds). During the entire whitening process (about 24 minutes) it is likely that each tooth will only receive about 2 to 4 minutes of exposure to the laser’s output.

Does the LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system make use of at-home teeth whitening treatments?

Continued bleaching with an at-home teeth whitening product after the completion of the LaserSmile ™ treatment is an option left up to the discretion of the dentist and the patient but is not a formal part of the system’s protocol.
What are the individual steps of the LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system?

The procedure your dentist follows when performing LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening system treatments does not vary greatly from the general steps done in other professional teeth whitening systems.
1) Teeth isolation: Teeth are isolated to hold the lips away from your teeth.
2) Eye protection: The primary safety measure necessary during laser treatment is proper protective glasses.
3) Gum protection: The peroxide bleaching agents that are used with professional teeth whitening systems are caustic and can irritate or damage soft oral tissues. We will need to isolate the teeth to be bleached by placing a “dental dam” on the gum.
4) Application of whitening gel
5) Laser activation: The teeth whitening bleaching compound is activated using a laser light source. This “activation” shortens the needed treatment time and/or makes the whitener more effective.
6) Protection removal:Teeth are thoroughly washed and then the dental dam and any other isolating materials or devices are removed.

The cumulative exposure of the patient’s teeth to the LaserSmile ™ teeth whitening gel is 24 minutes. Pre and post treatment preparations and activities round the total treatment time up to about an hour or slightly less.

Frequently asked questions:

How white will my teeth get?

LaserSmile has been able to achieve dramatic results in most patients. Ask your dentist how much whiter your teeth can be.

Will it hurt?


No. The LaserSmile teeth whitening procedure is completely painless in general. A very small percentage of people may experience minor sensitivities following the procedure. Avoid very hot or very cold drinks for the first 24 hours if any tooth sensitivity exist.

Does it work on caps, veneers or bonds?

While results may vary, whitening procedures are generally not designed for caps, veneers or bonds. Consult your LaserSmile dentist to determine your treatment expectation.

How long does it last?

LaserSmile whitening results can last for years assuming good hygiene and reasonable exposure to staining foods and beverages. However, actual results may vary due to individual differences in tooth structure and personal habits.

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smilingBasically, anyone who wants his/her teeth whitened can benefit from the LaserSmile procedure, except people who are allergic to the ingredients in the gel.
Also, if you are under 16, pregnant, breast-feeding, or have any extraordinary conditions, please let your dentist know ahead of time.

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