Lumineers by cerinate

Beware Of Fake Lumineers: Ask For Your 5 Years International Warranty, Dental Laser Clinic is the exclusive official provider for Lumineers in Egypt, and the Only Clinic in The Middle East That Can Provide The Lumineers by Cerinate in only 6 Days.
The technique is simple, we take an impression for your natural teeth (without drilling), we fill a detailed application for all your notations (we have a detailed smile design sheet provided by the Cerinate Lab) and we send it to California Santa Maria USA where the Cerinate Lab is located (the only lab worldwide).

After few days they send back for us the Lumineers which are like lenses composed of very high quality aesthetic and resistant ceramic, and we cement them on your natural teeth with a special plasma technology.

You can also visit our you tube account to see how does the laser technology works : YouTube account: Dental laser clinic”

Last, being the exclusive official provider for Lumineers in Egypt, all our patients are privileged by a 5 years international warranty certificate by the Cerinate Lab, and theoretically they last more than 20 years.