Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

23d2dCan you imagine what it would have been like if, as a child, you had an alternative to the dental drill?!!! You probably would not have such anxiety about dental visits! Dental drills left painful impressions of the dentists because, well, drilling is a painful operation. Despite local anesthetics, the drill can cause nerves to flare from their pressure and vibrations. Drills can even actually cause teeth to weaken by creating small cracks on the tooth’s surface. It’s no wonder why dental drills are universally despised. Fear not, the possibility of dentistry without drills now exists for your children with Laser Dentistry! The potential for injury sometimes caused by needles and drills in the mouths of wriggling and struggling kids has been eliminated.

At Dental laser clinic, the first certified laser pediatric department, we use the Waterlase MD, which has the ability to cut through teeth and bone with greater accuracy and safety. It is the ‘excited’ water particles that work against the teeth’s enamel. It can target a specific portion without disturbing the surrounding area. Bleaching and swelling are also reduced and the patient feels comfortable and at ease. The best part is that the laser never gets hot so laser dentistry is virtually pain-free, eliminating the need for any anesthetic or sedative which is especially important for those who are allergic to anesthetic of were already on drugs that could interact with anesthetic. Dental lasers are quite safe and are an effective procedure for treating dentistry in children.

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On March 25, 2009, the internationally syndicated TV show “the doctors” featured a Waterlase dentistry pediatric cavity preparation performed live at CBS paramount studios in Hollywood. Christina do, DDS, a Waterlase dentist from Costa Mesa, California performed the entire procedure without numbing up the patient.

    • When they have cavities, younger patients really appreciate the benefits of laser dentistry, which allows us to provide treatment without shots or drilling or pain. Most patients say the treatment is so comfortable that they feel only water washing away the tooth decay

      • A laser root canal treatment is the best solution for anxious and fearful children especially after a traumatic injury. With waterlase your child is relaxed and safe.
      • pediatric-laser-dentistry4The laser is also used to perform frenectomies (cutting the excess tissue between the two front teeth) Laser frenectomy is safe and can be performed easily in the dental office it is effective with less discomfort.

The best thing about Waterlase dentistry is that the kids love it, Without the initial fear of dentists, patients will grow up with a greater appreciation of dentists and the work they do.

I’m going to my dentist’s!…

Most adults who neglect going to the dentist often do so out of fear and anxiety they have harbored from dental visits as children.


With Laser Dentistry, the fear is reduced at a young age, which will encourage a more conscious desire to maintain healthy teeth and gums. And isn’t this is what you want for your children?