Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers

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Composite Veneers: Get your Hollywood smile in one session!
Our First waterlase MD Turbo laser in Europe provide our unique way of composite veneers placement. Composite veneers cover the facial surface of teeth to change tooth color, position or shape.

This 20 year old patient was complaining about the shape of her central incisors and the size of her lateral incisors that appeared too short along with a bad bite. She was interested in a quick- fix and immediate results. Composite veneers idealized the shape of her anterior teeth and also served as a way to correct her bite which gave her the perfect smile she always wanted!
The direct restoration of the entire arch allows an aesthetic, natural appearance to be achieved with simplified layering and color satisfaction.

At Dental Laser Clinic , our dentists are highly qualified in this simplified technique therefore, great aesthetic results can be delivered to the patient at a fraction of the time and cost of indirect restorations.

This patient was complaining about the excessive brown and white areas on her teeth. these stains are a typical sign of fluorosis. Composite veneers were placed in order to give her a more aesthetic look and a more confident smile.

Advantages of composite veneers:

Due to the variety of dentin and enamel bonding agents that are currently available, the direct application of composite resin can now be performed with success and predictability.
Even though this patient’s anterior teeth themselves appear to be sound and healthy, their size, shape and position is imperfect along with an uneven gum line. In order to obtain a more aesthetic look, a laser gum recountering was performed then composite veneers were placed to achieve the desired tooth shape and give her a straighter, more idealized appearance.

Recent advances in composite resin formulation such as enhanced strength, wear, stability, aesthetics, and ease of manipulation, expanded indications for direct techniques.
It can be used on people of all ages and the effect is immediate and the improvement is dramatic.
This patient felt that his smile had lost some of its ” youthfulness” over the time. his teeth became darker and have worn to the point that his incisors were even with each other as a result of his long term habit of grinding and clenching . The biting edges lost their original rounded contours and became straight. The changes were accomplished by placing composite veneers to restore the length and contours of his teeth and give him a better looking smile.
No or very conservative laser preparation is required. Preserving the tooth enamel is the key with current aesthetic dentistry; reduced tooth enamel due to invasive preparations affects the bonding to the tooth and the longevity of any restoration.
Polychromatic direct composite veneers can be placed in a single appointment.
Dental composite veneers can be repaired if they break. Unlike porcelain veneers, if a dental composite veneer does chip or break a dentist can usually repair it. And in most cases they can probably make the repair by just patching the dental bonding in that portion of the veneer where the fracture has occurred, as opposed to replacing the entire veneer.
Although repair is easier with dental composite veneers, their need for maintenance might be necessary.This patient was troubled by her small, square- looking, stained teeth. Composite venners were placed so to achieve a uniform tooth coloration and the desired tooth shape.